New technology in hot melt adhesive industry

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1. Low temperature hot melt adhesive:

Low-temperature hot melt adhesives have broken through the limits of the use of traditional hot melt adhesives.Its normal operating temperature is only 110℃~130℃, and the use temperature of low-temperature hot melt adhesives is more than 30℃ lower than that of traditional hot melt adhesives.Compared with traditional hot melt adhesives, low-temperature hot melt adhesives have significantly lower viscosity values to ensure that they meet the requirements of various coating processes under low-temperature operating conditions.      

The direct benefit of low-temperature hot melt adhesive is to save electricity bills and machine maintenance costs.A large number of practical applications show the same hot melt adhesive machine, the use of low-temperature hot melt adhesive can save customers about 15% of electricity bills.However, due to the fact that the low-temperature hot melt adhesive is almost completely free of aging phenomena such as peeling and carbon deposition at its normal operating temperature of 110℃~130℃, the maintenance cost of the machine is greatly reduced.More importantly, the low-temperature hot melt adhesive will not burn the PE film.    

2. Hydrophilic hot melt adhesive: 

Traditional hot melt adhesives are generally hydrophobic, and hydrophilic hot melt adhesives are made hydrophilic through special formulas. The application of each hydrophilic hot melt adhesive can give products higher added value, so that product manufacturers can effectively differentiate their products in the current highly competitive market, so as to ultimately win consumers.    


3. Other new technologies of hot melt adhesive:

In addition to the above aspects, the new technologies of hot melt adhesives also include: oil-resistant hot melt adhesives; hot melt adhesives suitable for high-frequency spraying; high-moisture-strength hot melt adhesives; degradable hot melt adhesives and so on.