How to use the hot melt glue gun correctly

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1. Before the hot melt glue gun is plugged into the power supply, please check whether the power cord is intact and the bracket is available; whether the glue gun that has been used has inverted glue and other phenomena.

2. Please preheat the glue gun for 3-5 minutes before using it. Please stand upright on the desktop when the glue gun is not in use.

3. Please keep the surface of the hot melt adhesive strip clean to prevent impurities from blocking the nozzle.

4. If the glue gun is found to be unable to make glue during use, please check whether the glue gun is hot.

(1) If the glue gun does not heat up normally, the reason may be:

The glue gun power supply is not plugged in:

The glue gun burned out due to a short circuit

(2) Under normal heating of the glue gun, the reason may be:

The glue nozzle is blocked by impurities, so professionals should be asked to deal with it.;

The glue gun pours the glue to thicken the rubber strip. At this time, just gently rotate the rubber strip for a week and carefully pull out part of it back, peel off the thickened part of the rubber strip, and then continue to use it.

5. When the rubber strips in the glue gun are not used up, please try not to pull the rubber strips out of them.

6. If the rubber strips in the glue gun experience backflow, please stop using them immediately and wait for the professionals to clean the backflow hot melt glue before using it.

7. The glue gun is continuously heated for 15 minutes without use, please cut off the power supply.